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Session Preparation

"Clothing makes the man... and the portrait."


Each of my photography sessions is a unique experience that can be made even more memorable with your creative contributions. Please feel free to bring along any clothing or fabric that has a special meaning or makes you feel beautiful. You are welcome to bring your spouse, significant other, children or other family members. It is my priviledge to incorporate your creative ideas into our photo shoots ... and make the photographs uniquely your own.


The length of your session depends upon the type of shoot you choose.Typically adult portrait sessions last one to two hours. Newborn and infant sessions can last as long as three hours, depending on the child. There are unique time constraints when working with newborns. Please contact me with any questions about how to prepare.



When to Schedule


MATERNITY - Plan on scheduling your photography session two to three months in advance. The best time to take your maternity photographs is during the third trimester, ideally between 34 - 36 weeks. Sessions are by appointment only.


NEWBORN - Schedule your first session as soon as your baby is born. Ideally, the newborn shoot occurs when baby is between 10 and 14 days old, but this is just a guideline.


Schedule your photo session on a day that you, your partner and your children (if they are going to be in the shoot) will be relaxed and well rested. Try not to schedule too many other appointments on the day of your shoot, and remember to eat a light snack before your session.



Session Preparations


MATERNITY - At least two hours before your shoot, remove anything with an elastic band, such as tight pants or snug undergarments. This will prevent strap marks from appearing on your skin. We recommend wearing pre-pregnancy clothing in your photos. Pregnant women have beautiful curves that we can help you celebrate. Bring jeans that will have a snug fit (they will not be zipped or buttoned up, we will fold them down). Pretty, lacy, modern, or funky tops like camisoles, tanks, lingerie, and sweaters work well. Long skirts that will fit below the belly are a nice alternative to jeans. If you have beautiful scarves or wraps, bring those as well. My goal is to make the session unique to you.


If you are being photographed with your partner, please have him/her bring or wear dark pants and a solid dark shirt.


NEWBORN AND INFANTS - Avoid socks on the day of the shoot. If your newborn or infant is going to appear nude in the photo, use cloth diapers for at least two hours before the session to eliminate marks on the skin caused by disposable diapers. Hats are very popular these days. Feel free to bring as many different hats to the session as you like. We have a variety of adorable hats to choose from. Clothing should go with the style of session you are looking for. Multiple styles are optional, and keep in mind there are unique time constraints when working with infants. Incorporate other accesories such as stuffed animals, head bands, and brightly colored toys to really make your photographs both beautiful and unique. Please call me with any questions about your newborn shoot - I am happy to help!


FOR ALL SUBJECTS - Makeup and hair should look natural. A light foundation and blush to even out skin tone is perfect. Too much eyeliner or eye shadow can look very dark in your picture. Some women prefer to go to a stylist before the shoot. For an additional fee, I will recommend a professional makeup artist to complete your look on the day of your photo shoot or have a stylist available for your shoot. For further information, contact me - I am happy to answer any questions you have.


JEWELRY - A special piece of jewelry makes a beautiful addition to your photographs, though too much jewelry can be distracting. If you have any questions, just bring it along and I will help you achieve the look you want.



Clothing and Props


Clothing is often a reflection of our own personality and style. The location of the session may determine what style of clothing is most appropriate. I find that jeans work very well and can be dressed up or down. I love to shoot bright colors on children. If the session takes place at your home, we will asssist you in choosing clothing that will coordinate best with your surroundings. Give me a call. I am always happy to discuss your style and what you are looking for in order to best meet your needs.


Please do bring along things that reflect your family and hobbies such as golf equipment, boxing gloves, a wake board, ski boots, basketballs, footballs, or any other items that are personal to your family. This will help both preserve your special memories and make the photographs uniquely your own.


If the shoot is in your home, only immediate family should be present to minimize distractions.


Please contact me today to check availability and for further details. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you!

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